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Kids Korner Preschool is an extended ministry of Glendale Christian Church and provides a Christian atmosphere for learning and growing. Children ages 2 to Pre-K can be enrolled in the Kids Korner Preschool program. Extended care options, both before and after school, are available! Class sizes are kept small to allow an optimal learning environment.​
At Kids Korner Preschool, we feel the early childhood years are a critical time during the development of a child's perceptions of self, others, the world and God. The goal of our curriculum is to stimulate the child's development physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, while maintaining a strong spiritual emphasis throughout. 
Play is viewed as a child's "work" and the way in which most learning takes place. Learning centers, such as building, writing, and reading, as well as music and movement, are included in our daily schedule.



Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s learning experience at Kids Korner Preschool. Come and visit, be a guest story reader, be present for special events, attend field trips and holiday celebrations.