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Kids Korner Preschool

from tiny seeds grow mighty trees!


2 year olds

3 year olds

4 year olds




Our Approach

We believe all children are made by God to be unique and special. Our goal is to encourage individual growth and development by being a supportive role to the families. We work in cooperation with parents to provide a Christian education. It is our desire  to build upon the developmental foundations of trust, independence and initiative so students grow to be mighty Christian men and women in the world in which they live. Kids Korner Preschool does not discriminate any child based on their race, national origin, sex, age or disability.

What Parents Think

I cannot say how grateful we have been for KKP. You all radiate Jesus' love! Ari thrived due to the love you guys show him daily. You've also been a blessing to me! I've worked full-time his whole life. Sometimes the mom guilt is STRONG. But knowing he's going to such a wonderful place, full of hugs, kindness, and learning, has put my heart at ease. THANK YOU!

Ari's mom

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