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from tiny seeds grow mighty trees!


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Our Approach

We believe all children are made by God to be unique and special. Our goal is to encourage individual growth and development by being a supportive role to the families. We work in cooperation with parents to provide a Christian education. It is our desire  to build upon the developmental foundations of trust, independence and initiative so students grow to be mighty Christian men and women in the world in which they live. 

What Parents Think

We LOVE KKP - we have noticed that our child has learned more in a few short months here than a year at another facility.  She comes home daily singing new songs, learning new letters and numbers, praying, and overall has thrived since attending.  All of the teachers are so kind and they are extremely organized - we love the updates that we get weekly and we have never seen a school do so many creative crafts regularly.  We are so thankful to be a part of this preschool!

Holland's mom